Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Strewn Garbage on Streets Mar the Environmental Beauty of Kolkata

Kolkata is growing in terms of population. Urbanization of the city is on the go in full swing. The city has become crowded more densely than before. Though development is on the go, the city that is a place of Indian cultural heritage is infested with problems, one of which is garbage. Garbage heaps on the streets is a common picture to behold in North and Central Kolkata. 

It results in several problems for the auto drivers and pedestrians. The huge heaps of garbage on one side of a street narrow the street and make it difficult for the vehicles to run smoothly. The situation turns worse during peak hours of the day when there is a jostling traffic.

Stray animals like dogs and cows keep roaming around the garbage heaps dumped on streets. The pedestrians sometimes land in trouble because of stray animals. Moreover, the animals keep digging the garbage heaps, as a result of which the rubbish gets scattered here and there, making the surrounding dirty and stingy. An unpleasant smell emanates from the pile of garbage and lies heavy in the air of the surrounding.

The worst of the problems resulting from the dumping of garbage on the sides of the street is the spread of flies and insects like mosquitoes. The garbage heaps are an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes that carry the germs of such serious diseases as malaria, dengue etc. 

The city of Kolkata is a beautiful hub of culture and history. But the strewn garbage mars the environmental beauty of the city that, in turns, makes a negative impression on tourists and travellers in the city.  It is a shame on the Municipal Corporation and its administration.
                                                                                      By Koushik Pal, Student of class IX

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