Monday, 30 May 2011

The Beauty of the Reaper’s Song in The Solitary Reaper

Describe the beauty of the solitary reaper’s song in The Solitary Reaper
Is there any impact of the solitary reaper’s song on William Wordsworth?  

The Solitary Reaper
It is said that the abstract, silent and profound is the most beautiful. In the poem “The Solitary Reaper” by William Wordsworth, the song of the reaper is a manifestation of beauty that is a ‘joy forever’. The melodious beauty of the song lies in its concoction of different emotions: merriment and melancholy. It is so highly influential that every nook and corner of the valley brims over with its mesmeric melody. The melody of the ‘Highland Lass’ is so charming that it surpasses the song of nightingales in the Arabian Desert and the song of cuckoo birds in the Hebrides. Moreover, the intensity of natural beauty that the reaper’s song embodies cannot be measured. That is why; the poet cannot make out the theme of the song. The spell of the song on him is so strong that he feels being transported away from the mundane world. Wordsworth the worshiper of nature and the lover of natural beauty is so touched by the lyrical quality of the song that he carries the tune of the song in the deep recesses of his heart even after he departs from the place where the ‘solitary reaper’ was singing.     

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