Sunday, 12 June 2011

Note on Picturesque Comparisons in The Solitary Reaper

How has William Wordsworth highlighted the beauty of the solitary reaper’s song?
What comparisons has the poet drawn to highlight the beauty of the reaper’s song?

William Wordsworth was so touched to the core of his heart by the lyrical beauty of the reaper’s song that he started looking for an ideal match for the song in terms of quality and charm. In his desperate attempt to highlight the soulful melody of the reaper’s song, he compared it to the nightingale’s song and the cuckoo bird’s sweet voice. The voice that nightingales pour out to refresh the weary bands of travelers in the aridity of the Arabian Desert is not as much thrilling as the melancholy song of the solitary reaper. The reaper’s voice is more pleasing and charming than the cuckoo bird’s voice that is said to break the silence of the seas among the far-off Hebrides in spring. Through these picture-perfect comparisons, the poet intended to make us feel the charm and eloquence of the solitary reaper’s song. 

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