Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Are People Turning away from Newspapers in the Internet Age?

Newspaper in Digital Age
Change is a sign of life. It is the only constant factor in the world. With time rolling on, everything mortal or immortal keeps changing. Similarly, technology is always on the wheels of change. The days of print technology seem to be gone by. Now is the age of digital or web or internet technology in the 21st century. Newspaper, any age-old product of print technology, is a valuable mode of print communication. But, in present times of Internet people are turning to the web world for instant availability of information. The increasing number of internet users turning to online media for news has raised a debate “Is newspaper valued and read by people in the present digital times?”. 

Surveys show that the popularity of newspaper is still intact in Indian and China despite the advancement in Internet technology there. Definitely, there are valid reasons to quote in support of newspapers being read by people. Many people are in the habit of reading newspapers over tea or coffee in the morning. Reading newspaper in the morning is an integral part of their daily routine. After waking up, they wait for the arrival of newspaper at the doorstep. The number of such regular newspaper readers is huge. 

Newspaper is portable. People can carry it when they are on the move. Many people go through newspapers when they are on the way to their destinations like office, school, college and home. It helps relieve the tedium of journey. Nowadays, news is available on mobile phones by means of mobile internet. People using cell phones with mobile internet can be updated on events and happenings in real time through news every now and then. But it is not possible or convenient to read a news story in details on the screen of mobile phones. 

Reading newspaper is far more comfortable and convenient. Staring at the computer screen for reading online news is often stressful for the eyes. But, this is not an issue with reading the pages of newspapers. Newspaper can be read in a relaxed position and at ease. 

Newspaper houses have jumped into fray with digital media and web media. All leading newspapers in different parts of the world have gone online to survive in the stiff competition and keep up with the changing times. The sun in the sky of newspapers in India is smiling and shining despite the increasing glare of digital and web media.       

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