Sunday, 12 June 2011

Reasons for Wordsworth's Inability to Understand the Theme of the Solitary Reaper's Song

What is the theme of the Solitary Reaper’s song, according to William Wordsworth?
Why is the poet not sure about the exact theme of the reaper’s song?
Why could not the poet comprehend the theme of the reaper’s song?   

Williams Wordsworth is not sure about the theme of the solitary reaper’s song. By means of his imaginative power, the poet assumes that the theme might be inspired by “old, unhappy, far-off things”. Based on the unhappy past of the civilization, the theme is melancholic in essence. Or, the song pictures the account of the battles fought long ago, according to the poet. On the other hand, he guesses that the theme of the song is associated with the mundane affairs of daily life. It is expressive of human emotions like “sorrow, loss or pain”.

There are several various reasons why William Wordsworth is not sure about the theme of the solitary reaper’s song. The language in which the “Highland lass” was singing her song might be unknown to the poet. So, he could not comprehend the meaning of the song. It is also considerable that being fascinated by the lyrical beauty of the song, Wordsworth could not make out the theme of the song. He was so overwhelmingly enchanted that he lost himself in imagination and made his way to the world of nightingales and cuckoo birds to find a suitable match for the reaper’s song. That is why, the poet failed to have a hang of the song, most probably.         

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