Monday, 6 June 2011

“Progress does not mean turning richer” – an Explanation in Details

Progress is such a phenomenon that it can be defined in a number of different ways. For some, it is growing richer in whereas for some it is acquiring knowledge. Many things like wealth, money, knowledge, power, etc, are taken as unites to measure the level of progress. However, in the present era, many people think that turning richer means making progress. But they are absolutely wrong. 

A man who grows richer and richer is so miserly that he minds giving alms to a beggar. He is not supposed to be on the way to progress from the perspective of humanity. If a man who has accumulated lots of wealth is mean in thought and poor in mind, he is far behind progress. 

Today’s youngsters from the well-do-do families keep up with the latest fashion trends to flaunt their rich social status. But they turn indifferent to their own culture and customs, the base of existence in society. They sniff at the cultural heritage of their ancestors. These youngsters are at a distance from progress from the perspective of cultural development. 

Many people aim at making money as the only goal in their lives. They work hard day in and day out to pile on money. They think that having lots of money is an index to social progress. But it is not always true. One’s quality also serves as the base of one’s social reputation and progress. It is not only money or wealth but also humanity, virtues, high thoughts and good deeds which can take a man to the peak of progress. 

The same is applicable in case of a nation. In the 21st century, a country is said to be developed or developing on ground of its economy and technology. The booming economy of metropolitan cities and the advanced technological infrastructure are taken as the yardsticks to measure the progress of countries. But the picture of progress fades when one takes a look into the heart of rural backwaters. For example, India where hundreds of farmers commit suicide every year when the harvest is very low and they run into debt, is surprisingly supposed to be developing in economy. 

So, turning richer is not the only sign of progress.     By Tanzil Ansari, Student of class XI

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