Thursday, 2 June 2011

Prince of Persia and the Fall of Darkness

Prince of Persia
The story is about a boy named Nick, but everyone called him Prince. It is because his father was the king of Babylon, named Sherman. A few years ago King Sherman bought a mysterious hourglass from the ‘’Island Of Time’’. The hourglass had the power to take someone back in the chariot of time. But the person who would the hourglass must die. The key to open the hourglass was a dagger ‘’Dagger Tie’’. Once Prince opened it and traveled back through time. But after a few weeks, a priest told him that he must die, as he had opened the hourglass. Prince a brave young man told courageously that it was worthless for him to wait for death. He showed his determination to win in his fight with the Fate. However, the priest told him warning that his journey would not end well.

Then prince told first time in my life I am afraid. He started his journey to the ‘’Island of Time’’ to change the turn of his fate. He did so. On his way back home he found the city quiet different from that he had left just two weeks before. His palace was substituted by some devils who killed people. The Prince was alone in the palace. The leader of the devils named ‘’Vizier’’ who killed the empress of time and became immortal. The vizier also killed Prince’s father. When the Prince found his father lying in the dark alley he promised him that he would kill Vizier for his downing. Unfortunately there was no way out of the dark alley until someone opened the door from outside. When the Prince was trapped, a beautiful princess of India the daughter of Maharaja opened the door from outside. She started running suddenly and Prince shouted ‘Farah (her name) wait!’

The princess got a shock to hear her name. She wondered how he could know his name ? She asked Prince how he came to know his name. Prince lied to her that he had heard stories about a beautiful princess of India. Farah  had forgotten all the things because Prince had broken the hourglass and traveled back through time. After this the vizier kidnapped Farah but the prince tried his best to protect her but he did not succeed. He started following the vizier and reaching the Teresa he challenged the vizier for a fight. He defeated the vizier and freed Farah. Then the Empress of time came and took ‘Dagger Tie’, and told that his journey was near its end. Then Farah asked the same question to prince how he could know her name. In reply, prince said, “some people think that time flows in its own direction. But I have seen the face of time, come, let me tell you the story about my journey”.

            Moral: If there is darkness, then there will be a Hero or Have Faith in yourself 
                                                                                      By Tamojit Das, Student of IX


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Ah.... The name of the prince is Dastaan not NICk....

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