Saturday, 4 June 2011

Relevance of the Title “The Solitary Reaper”

Is the title “The Solitary Reaper” apt?
Justify the title “The Solitary Reaper”.
Is the title “The Solitary Reaper” relevant?     

The title of a literary piece is based on the central theme or protagonist or significance of the literary piece. William Wordsworth has deliberately titled the poem The Solitary Reaper. In this poem, the reaper is the only visible character and her song is the focus of the poet’s observation in each stanza of the poem. The title “The Solitary Reaper” is reflective of the reaper’s overwhelming presence throughout the poet’s eloquent observation of her melancholy song in the poem. The poet describes the reaper’s activity in the field in the first stanza, pictures the melodious beauty of her song in comparison to that of the singing birds in the second stanza, tries to explore the subject matter of the song in the third stanza and carries the song deep in his heart in the fourth or last stanza. As the poem is all about the reaper and her unearthly song, the title “The Solitary Reaper” is apt and just from all perspectives.  

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