Friday, 4 May 2012

The use of and abuse of leisure

Leisure is a source of refreshment and relaxation, entertainment and enjoyment. This is what differentiates a man from a machine. A machine can be run or put to work for all the time, but a man cannot toil at a stretch and for a long time. Human beings are social animals who need to spend some time on themselves through indulgence in creative and recreational activities.

Leisure is an escape from toiling and a relief from monotony and boredom. The way we spend leisure depends on our likes and dislikes, and the type of our personality. Some use leisure to their benefit, while some idle it away. Students must not while away their leisure at a lazy pace. In the present competitive times, students are burdened with studies and stressed by performance pressure. They are hardly left with free time for any creative pursuit. If they fortunately get some leisure, they should make the most of it. Playing on musical instruments, singing, dancing, swimming, reading story books, diary writing etc are leisurely activities with creative value, edifying lessons and entertainment aspects.

With the changing lifestyle of urban youngsters in metropolitan cities, the definition of leisure has been completely changed. It has been downgraded from creative activities to mere entertainment like catching movies in multiplexes, visiting shopping malls and hanging out with friends and playing virtual games.

Leisure is the time for creative and mediation. During this time we can think deeply, explore innovative ideas, meditate our mental living and wonder at the beautiful things of nature in our surroundings. We can sight many examples of the fruitful use of leisure from the past. Isaac Newton while sitting lazily in the garden wondered why the apple fell to the ground; why it didn't rise up towards the sky. Then he discovered the laws of gravitational force. William Wordsworth used to get flooded with creative thoughts while wondering at the beauty of nature.

by Sayan Biswas, Aditya Academy 


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