Saturday, 21 April 2012

One day at the Shaymbazar Crossing Kolkata

Today I went to Shyambazar on an errand. When I reached Shyambazar, I was at a loss to see the five – route crossing. I didn’t know the exact way where I was going to buy my school uniform. So I got down from the auto and stood near the crossing. It was noon; the sun was shining brightly over the head. Just imagine how hot the day was!

It was my first visit to the place which is one of the crowded centers of Kolkata. So many buses, vehicles were plying the entire area teaming up with traffic. The traffic jam was being controlled by the traffic police. It was very troublesome for the pedestrians to cross the busy roads. The place was abuzz with a mix of different kinds of noise.

There were many stalls-juice sellers, magazine stalls newspaper stalls and other-near the entrance of the roads. Seeing the crowd around me, I felt suffocated I approached a traffic controller and enquired him about shops. I felt relieved when I came back home. However the picture of congestion, crowd and chaos at Shyambazaar was lying heavy on my mind.

by Debanjan, Class IX, Hariyana Vidya Mandir 


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