Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Who or what is responsible for the nightingale’s death in Frog and Nightingale

The frog was cunning, greedy and jealous of the nightingale. To stay unrivalled in the Bingle Bog, he deliberately chalked out a plan and executed it smartly to cause the bird’s death. The frog presented himself as a noble critic and advised her to get trained by him. Flattered by the frog the bird began to practice for long hours and could not see through his trick. The frog insisted on practice for long hours to improve her tonal quality, and the bird danced to his tune.

Consequently, her voice became hoarse and lost its charm. She became pale and sad. One day a vein burst due to excessive stress on her lungs during practice, and the poor bird died. Thus the frog drove the innocent nightingale to death. The bird herself is responsible for her death. She was not confident of her talent. She believed in the frog more than in herself, and followed his instructions blindly. 

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