Sunday, 22 May 2011

English Grammar Tricks: Correct Use of 'Return' as a Verb to Mean Different Things

English Grammar Tricks

Very often, many students are not sure how and when to use the word ‘return’. ‘Return’ can mean a number of things. The correct use of 'return' in English write-ups is one of English grammar tricks. Follow what is given below:
·         To give back / bring back – I returned the books yesterday
·         To hit back – Federer returned Nadal’s serves beautifully
·         To go back – She returned to Mumbai last week
·         To come back – He returned from Australia last month
·         To send back – The students returned the papers to the teacher
·         To pay back – He returned all the money he had taken
Special Note – Some students write ‘return back’ unknowingly. The word ‘back’ should not be used after ‘return’.      


ENGANIL said...

This is good post for how to use of verb in proper way and for easy learning you use English Grammar in Use and gets its benefits.

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Ghada transmitted to me a high sublime feeling of respect and love to you.

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