Sunday, 15 May 2011

A Picturesque Account of My Visit to Puri

My Parents and I are thirsty travelers .We are much fond of travelling .Being confined by the walls and roof of house is not our cup of tea. We make trips to various destination twice a year .After mu final examination was over in the mid of April this year, my parents planned a trip to Puri, one of our favorite haunts.

We took the train Puri Express from the Hawrah station at 10:20 pm on 25th April .I was very excited to reach Puri as soon as possible. We had already booked a room at the Puri Holiday Home for four days. We headed to the hotel from the Puri station. We kept the luggage in the room and took rest for some time. The sea beach was at a stone’s throw from the hotel we stayed in. I was restless to visit the beach. 

A gripping glimpse of sunrise at Puri beach
We made our way to the beach when the sun was about to set in the western sky. A cool breeze was blowing from the sea and the sun was looking a big orange. The waves were neither too violent nor too calm. I was enjoying a stroll on the beach when the waves were striking against my feet. We returned to the hotel after darkness enveloped the sky. 

The electric lampposts lit up the beach to some extent. We could see the restless waves coming and going from the balcony of our hotel room. I was waiting for the first light of the sun to kiss the earth. We left for the beach early at down to capture the beauty of the rising sun in the frames of our eyes. When the sun made its appearance just above the horizon sprinkling a handful of red and orange colors in the eastern sky, I was amused with wonder. It was a divine experience that I can’t explain in words. I sat on the balmy beach and kept on staring on the rising sun for some time. 

Gradually, morning came down. The open and breezy ambiance of the beach was soothing and refreshing. The waves were calm and the surrounding was so pleasant that it touched the depth of my heart. After having a bath in the sea and breakfast at the hotel, we left for the Sun Temple. Thus, three days passed. On the fourth day, we came back to Kolkata.  

By Ranabesh Roy, a class IX student in Kolkata           


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