Friday, 14 October 2011

Notes on ‘The Road Not Taken’ by Robert Frost

Describe the two roads which Robert Frost had once come across 

Once the poet Robert Frost on the way of his journey, halted at a point where the road was divided into two. One of the roads was much trodden and therefore, it was rough. The other road was hardly trodden by anyone and so, it looked fair and was covered with green grass. To the poet the less trodden path was more luring than the much trodden one.  

Which of the two roads did Robert Frost choose? Why? 

The poet Robert Frost chose the road which was less trodden and covered with grass. Initially, the poet was full of doubts about that less trodden path because it might not be safe to walk on a less trusted path. The next moment he thought that he should take this road to reach his destination and it might make a difference in his life. The poet had the confidence and courage to meet the challenge of treading the path which was hardly walked on by any traveler. Indifferent to the fate and the future consequences, Robert Frost dared to go different from the common lot. 

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