Saturday, 15 October 2011

Life without Electricity in City

Life without electricity is unimaginable in the present decade of 21st century. Machines drive the ways of our daily life. Machines from a handy gadget to a massive appliance need electricity. Electricity fuels all sorts of gadgets and gizmos directly or indirectly to ensure their proper functioning. 

Life comes to a standstill without electricity in cities and towns. In cities, modern household gadgets like washing machine, refrigerator, home theater system, air conditioner, kitchen appliances like oven, hand blender, mixer, drinking water purifier; official gadgets like computers, printers, scanners, internet devices run on electricity. Mobiles phones, digital cameras, iPods and laptops are integral parts of our city lifestyle. Batteries of phones, laptops, cameras need to be charged with electricity from time to time. 

Cellphone and Internet are two major mediums of communication in the present time. If supply of electricity is cut off for a few hours, communication is disrupted slowing the pace of life in cities. AC is a must need to keep the confined atmosphere cool and comfortable at workplaces where there are many computers. The functional operation comes to a stop during power cut. Lift is the only means for smooth movement from bottom to top in high rises. Without electricity lifts and escalators do not work, and therefore all movement stops. 

The picture of life without electricity in villages is not as grim as in cities. However, the necessity of electricity is undeniable in some fields of rural life. For example, water pumps which run on electricity are used to irrigate agricultural fields. Evidently life depends on electricity as we depend on gadgets, and gadgets depend on electricity for functioning. To say it brief, life with no electricity is a nightmare.    

                                                                   by Aditya Roy Choudhury, a class VI student                          


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