Sunday, 11 March 2012

Three words indicating different intensity levels of rainfall in “Song of the Rain”

Kahlil Gibran has subtly used three words ‘cry’, ‘humble’, and ‘bow’ to personify the rain in "Song of the Rain". These three words have not only personified the elements but also adjectified the worlds describing the different intensity of rainfall. ‘Cry’ refers to the speed and sound of falling rains. It is known that driving rainfall at a great speed and with huge sound. The word ‘humble’ indicates the mild intensity with which the rain falls. When it is a mild shower of rain drops with a soft and soothing touch, flowers rejoice. Unlike driving rains, mild rains pat flowers softly. When it is a spell of shower, all things on earth get refreshed, rejuvenated and feel elated. Thus the ran blends three different personalities in itself.        


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