Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The most amusing or funniest episode in the story ‘Packing’ by Jerome K. Jerome

The story ‘Packing’ by Jerome K. Jerome is full of fun and amusement from beginning to end. But the butter episode is the most amusing as it tickles our ribs and makes us laugh to death. 

The episode starts when George treads on the butter, gets it off his slipper and tries in vain to put it into a kettle. Then George puts the butter down on a char and Harris sits on it and it sticks to his buttocks. The situation becomes funny when they find the butter disappeared from the chair and start looking for it all over the room. Both Harris and George are surprised at the mysterious disappearance of the butter from the chair. Suddenly, George gets round at the back of Harris, finds the butter there to his utter amazement. Adding to the fun, Harris begins to spin round himself to notice where the butter is at his back. George makes a roar and asks Harris to stand still. At last, they get the butter off and pack it in the teapot. 

So, it is no exaggeration to describe the butter episode as the most amusing. Besides, this episode is the ultimate proof of George and Harris’ stupidity and their lack of skill in packing.    

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